With a special focus on understanding your needs, RiteCare’s highly qualified physiotherapists help diagnose, manage and treat physical ailments that might interfere with your everyday life, all within the safety and privacy of your home. RiteCare partners with skilled and certified physiotherapists to provide high-quality physiotherapy and relief from chronic pain to patients of all ages. Our physiotherapy services are targeted towards alleviating acute pain such as knee pain, neck pain, and lower back pain, providing post-surgery recovery or recovery from accident-related injuries. Our physiotherapists will work with the patient to evaluate their pain and develop their care plan. The physiotherapists will be available on a daily/weekly / monthly basis both during weekdays and weekends.

Our physiotherapists are experienced in providing a complete range of physiotherapy services.

  • o      Therapy for general injuries

  • o      Therapy for sports injuries

  • o      Treatment of frequent body pains

  • o      Joint, muscle & bone injury prevention

  • o      Therapy for babies, toddlers, and children

  • o      Physiotherapy for stroke & spinal cord injuries

  • o      Speedy recovery after surgery

  • o      Treatment for arthritis, Alzheimer’s, joint stiffness, etc.