About Us

RiteCare – Healthcare @Home is an Indo-American enterprise in premium home-based personal, nursing, and physiotherapy care. With our highly skilled and efficient staff comprising of nurses, caregivers, physiotherapists, and hospice care providers, RiteCare seeks to redefine home health by delivering precise, hospital-standard care right in the comfort and convenience of our patients' homes.

The coronavirus pandemic has proved that going to a hospital is riskier than ever while the need for medical care continued to increase. RiteCare seeks to balance this, by bringing the required nursing and medical care right to your doorstep!

What helps RiteCare stand out is our dedication and commitment to providing the best of people when you open up your homes to us. All our employees, contractors, caregivers, and nurses are handpicked and undergo a rigorous background check and verification process to make sure that your loved ones are in the best and safest possible hands. We also place a premium on intimately understanding our patients' needs, which allows us to deliver precise, personalized care that improves patients' quality of life and helps them to receive the assistance they need right in their homes.

RiteCare's spectrum of premium healthcare services includes general nursing services, physiotherapy, and general medical care, apart from video/phone doctor consultations, sample collections, lab tests, and general care on par with a hospital. Our Nursing Services offer assistance in Senior Care (Eldercare), and the specific care and management of health conditions such as Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery, Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease, and Diabetes. Our Physiotherapy services focus on pain management, whereas Caregiver (Aide) services provide bedside attendants and general caretakers that will offer professional help for the care and management of people recovering from surgery/injuries and for those suffering from long-term illnesses. Dedicated Healthcare Executives will be on hand to ensure that all healthcare needs of patients are taken care of while offering assistance with consultations, diagnostic services, nursing, physiotherapy, and diet planning. The RiteCare team will visit patients' homes and assess the level of facilities required to accommodate them.

Aside from temporary care services, RiteCare is committed to long-term nursing/caregiving relationships. We combine sensitivity and professionalism while delivering care, allowing our expert staff to build lasting bonds with your loved ones, and enabling us to extend family-like care, from our family to yours.