personalized care

Personalized Care

“RiteCare” understands the kind of support you might need. We offer care and attention that are required for your loved ones. That is why we provide experienced non-medical attendants as part of our Attendant Service. All our in-home patient attendants specialize in patient care and are experienced caregivers. We are mindful about training and selecting our caregivers, and provide ample on-the-job training wherever we find it lacking. RiteCare is committed to providing caregiver services to families that need our services. Our network of caregivers is committed to providing the best possible in-home care services to bedridden patients. We partner with qualified and professional caregivers who are trained in providing care to elder family members and infants with compassion, respect, and dignity. The caregivers will be available on a daily/weekly / monthly basis both during weekdays and weekends. Additionally, the caregivers will deliver care that will be based on the care plan developed by our partnering physicians. Our attendants are experienced caregivers & can assist with patient’s mobility, maintaining hygiene, feeding, helping in exercise, and other nursing care specialization.

  • o      Oral Hygiene and Bed Bath/Sponge Bath

  • o      Cleanliness of patient’s room

  • o      Feeding and bathroom assistance

  • o      Assist with walking and home exercise when required

  • o      Turn position in bed for bedridden

  • o      Companionship and polite conversations